27 Jan 2023

2023/1/27 Weekly Summary Letter From Tammy


Happy Lunar New Year and I hope everyone is having a safe and beautiful winter. It's Tammy writing the letter for the last Friday of the month.

As we are at the beginning of the year, I wanted to take a moment to share with you the progress we have made and our plans for the next couple of months.

Firstly, I am happy to report that the number of NUM locked in the first official staking pool is approaching 2.2 million, indicating growing interest of NUM and Numbers Protocol. All NUM holders are invited to join the staking pool before the deadline of March 22nd, 2023 at 13:00 UTC. To participate, please visit the Staking Site.

This week, our community organized a variety of events for #NumbersCommunityPartyWeek. We held a 3-day Numbers Quiz to recap what Numbers have achieved, a Crossword Puzzle for highlighting our partnership, and an Infographic Competition to embrace the creativity of our community based on our products with more than 300 participants. This series of events will be concluded with the Fireside Chat hosted by our Community Managers to share the experience to work with Numbers team. Overall, we’ve got 20K impressions and tons of feedback, and we appreciate all the community who join the party. We hope you enjoyed it!

In terms of product development, we have updated Gitbook significantly to include more API examples to use Numbers Protocol. As Numbers aims to build an authentic photo network for everyone to easily register and verify the full picture of digital media, we will continue to create more useful tools for users and developers in the coming months. I would like to particularly invite you to take a look at the Defining Web3 Assets pages, as you may discover new aspects of the Numbers Protocol that you were previously unaware of.

The interest of AI continues to grow, as you know, Numbers Search Engine is powered by AI to find similar assets. In the next two months, we will focus on updating the search engine and adding more AI features to it, to help users find the assets they're looking for more efficiently and effectively.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to building a better Numbers Protocol with you in 2023!

Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. Our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week. And may all of you have a weekend. Love you all, Tammy

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