The nftRecord in the AssetTree is an essential component to allow for the traceability of NFT tokens minted for the asset. One should follow the definition of NFTs to issue tokens in order to build robust ownership systems. This is particularly important in the creator economy, as creators need to have a way to prove ownership and provenance of their creations.

nftRecord is a file on IPFS decentralized web containing a list of NFT records. As discussed in the Key Difference From NFT page, it is common that one asset is minted as multiple NFTs. In order to keep all the NFT records and associate them with the asset, we choose to save JSON files on IPFS and serve as the database of NFT records.

The use of IPFS to store the nftRecord adds an additional layer of decentralization, as the information is stored on a distributed network rather than a single centralized server. This ensures that the records are tamper-proof and can be easily accessed by anyone.


Every nft record in the nftRecord file is a JSON object containing the following information:

  • network: chain ID of the NFT blockchain

  • contractAddress: NFT contract address

  • tokenID: token ID of the NFT

Here is an example of the nftRecord file:

    "network": 108,
    "contractAddress": "0x59d6fe14e7bfaf7c89c297be301195b96335df0e",
    "tokenId": "37262"

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