17 Nov 2023

2023/11/17 Weekly Summary from Numbers Team

Hello Numbers Community, we hope you have a great week!

Here's our weekly update, enjoy!


  • New feature for Capture Dashboard! You can now identify yourself as the creator of content you uploaded with the Capture Dashboard, and have it reflected on the blockchain. This will be one of the key features for content creators, enabling them to claim copyright for their contents.

  • More updates for Capture, now if you change the caption of an asset, all the changes and histories will be recorded on the blockchain, this will help user to track and verify any modification made to their contents.

Marketing & Community

  • This week’s special thread is about the use case of provenance. Have you watched our interview with a prominent figure in the music industry - Autumn Rowe? Together with Chris Wieduwilt expertise in AI, we discussed the possible direction the creativity industry will take with the advent of AI. Check out the summary in our blog! (ps : we uploaded a podcast version too for those with limited screen time)

  • Thanks to the collaboration with Donorship, you can now donate $NUM easily to the charity organization of your choice. We believe in the importance of helping each other and giving back to those who are in need. Head over to our site and scroll down to the footer, click on the 'Making Good with NUM' button to start!

Business Development

  • Numbers participated in Web Summit 2023 at Lisbon! Represented by Natalie, we received a great opportunity to pitch on the Q&A stage. Exposing Numbers as the start-up leader in digital media authenticity solution.

  • System256, a platform empowering aspiring artist in the Web3 has decided to adopt Numbers service! Hoping to provide emerging creators a vibrant and safe environment to create.


  • Staking pool for BSC NUM has been renewed! If you haven't claimed your reward in the previous staking pool, you can do so here.

  • 18th November 2023 is the anniversary of $NUM, we have prepared an exciting campaign for you. Stay tuned to our social channel!

Thank you for your continued support! Same as every weekend, the team will take some rest with a slower response. Our dear moderators will keep supporting you, and the team will be well-prepared for the new week.

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