How Commit Contract Works

Commit Contract adopts similar concepts as Git.

  • When the initial commit is created, the asset enters the Numbers network officially. This is known as the initial asset registration.

  • Every registered content file should have its own assetTree file in IPFS to describe the property of the asset, including creator, creation time, license, etc. The IPFS Cid of the assetTree file can be found in the on-chain commit log as well as its Sha256 and Signature.

  • When there is an update to the asset, such as updating creator information or updating content itself to create a child content, there is a new commit log attached to its asset Nid.

  • Developers can interact with the Commit Contract via Nit.

  • Commit action is not limited to owner or creator of the content. Everyone can make commits for the digital media file in order to provide the full and decentralized history of it. However, the commits from owners, creators and other verified sources can be found by applying filters to the committer.

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