13 Jan 2023

2023/1/13 Weekly Summary from Numbers Founding Team

This week, Numbers Protocol has made several updates and announcements. Here is a summary of the most important events:


  • The release of version 0.71.2 of our Capture App is now available on the Google Play and App Store. This release includes several new features and improvements, with the most notable being the redesign of the camera UI for a more user-friendly experience.

  • We also released a new API for developers looking to fetch NUM balance on the Numbers Mainnet. More information can be found on our Gitbook at https://docs.numbersprotocol.io/introduction/num-token/fetch-num-balance.


  • Our CAPTCH-A acquisition program is open again, providing an exciting opportunity for our community members who want to participate in Numbers DAO meetings. To participate and vote, community members will need to own a CAPTCH-A. We are delighted that our DAO continues to grow stronger and stronger, and this new acquisition program provides yet another way for us all to come together.

Business Development:

  • AstraKode, a low-code development platform, has joined our ecosystem in collaboration with Numbers Protocol. This collaboration provides support and tools for managing the entire life cycle of digital assets in Web3. Together, AstraKode and Numbers Protocol aim to enable businesses to take advantage of Web3 technology and secure their digital media assets.


  • We received significant marketing exposure through our presence on the popular CryptoCoinShow, which aired on January 9th. The video has received a high number of views, with over 7,000 people watching it since its release.

  • Additionally, we were also in attendance at Art Singapore, which is widely read by a diverse group of artists, curators, and galleries. These exposures are notable achievements for Numbers and highlight the increasing recognition of our brand in the Web3 and creator economy.


  • We conducted our second meeting with our Soldiers (Tier 2 Ambassadors) to collect feedback, discuss progress, and clarify questions. This will help our ambassadors to continue promoting the project on social media and assist in the community. We will soon review the Ambassador program and make rule adjustments based on feedback from current ambassadors.

  • Additionally, rewards were distributed to ambassadors as a means of fostering a positive relationship between the community and the project. Currently, our Ambassador program is running smoothly and the majority of ambassadors are satisfied and actively engaged.

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