Read Asset History

There are several methods by which one can access the commits of an asset and its full history.
  • The easiest way to view an asset's history is through the web-based Asset Profile of the Numbers Search Engine. This profile provides a comprehensive view of the asset, including its creation information, NFT records, and other important details.
  • For API users, the commits of assets can be accessed via the API.
  • For Javascript developers, the commits can be accessed through the nit module.
  • For Bubble developers, you can use nit plugin to access the commit history.
  • For advanced developers who require more flexibility, the commits can be accessed by utilizing the nit open-source tool or by interacting directly with the contract.

Commit message

The following represents a single commit message associated with an asset. In most cases, multiple commit messages will be present in order to provide the full history of the asset. For a more in-depth understanding of each field, please refer to the documentation on the Commit page.
"assetTreeCid": "bafkreibyy3oe3fyucn4sxfiphzdga5caznvm3vmxralkyli3mx74wkbsfm",
"assetTreeSha256": "38c6dc4d971413792b950f3e46607440cb6acdd5978816ac2d1b65ffcb28322b",
"assetTreeSignature": "0x0254ad5c79450372e65ed6a84c7952349e4b40ffb1026b45e2f0a19047b98a6a51f3209e34c6a5c14eecfe55801bc1de66ffba739145a4e9375581c0d7b6db2c1b",
"author": "0x8212099e5aF75e555A3E63da77a99CcC9527aCC1",
"committer": "0x51130dB91B91377A24d6Ebeb2a5fC02748b53ce1",
"provider": "bafkreido4zu743f6isb5wninfkedvbirj2ngb5fkivrpdijh2xtd3s6rnu",
"timestampCreated": 1673977414,
"action": "bafkreiavifzn7ntlb6p2lr55k3oezo6pofwvknecukc5auhng4miowcte4",
"actionResult": "",
"abstract": "Action action-initial-registration."