Numbers Protocol

Key Differences With NFT

Unlike NFT token IDs which are random characters and have no direct links to the digital media files, Nid itself represents the context of the digital media files. Nid is the address of the asset in the decentralised web which indexes assets and allows them and their important information to be accessed. Registered media in the network have associated integrity records capturing context, ownership and creator signature. Post-creation records, including any modification and change in ownership, will be appended to existing integrity records.
All historical records are indexed by Nid to ensure content provenance and the traceability and verifiability of all assets in the network. As Nid is also the address of the digital media in the decentralized world, it is not bound to a single network and can be shared across blockchain networks. This asset-centric architecture makes Numbers Protocol able to solve complicated real-world problems such as misinformation in the news media, royalty distribution in the music industry, user-generated AR content in the metaverse, and more.
We see Numbers Protocol as the evolution from NFT, it is the next-generation NFT that has the potential to truly solve the remaining problems left in the NFT 1.0 era. You can find more discussions regarding "NFTs Don’t Work the Way You Might Think They Do" here.